2023 UCPath Improvement Projects

2023 UCPath Projects 

The system-wide UCPath team strives to constantly improve and advance UCPath functionality on a regular basis. As UC Santa Barbara's campus support team, we are here to guide you through any planned system updates, whether large or small. 

Check back often to learn the latest and to find out how any updates may impact your daily work.

  Enable Lived Name 

Impacted Module: All Modules

Expected Release Date: June 2023

The Lived Name project will enhance the user experience in UCPath by providing employees the option to select a personal name, known as their lived name. The project aims to display lived names on all UCPath pages where a legal name is not required. On 4/19/2023, the project team hosted an informational session for the Enable Lived Name project. Click here to watch the recording of that session. For more detailed information on this project, please visit the Enable Lived Name project page by clicking here. 


Impacted Module: All Modules

Expected Release Date: June 2023

UCPath Upgrade is required to keep the system on a supported platform with the most current patches, and newly released functionality, and ensures a compliant and secure platform. 

   Improve Case Assist Initiative 

Impacted Module: N/A

Expected Release Date: July 2023

UCPath is working on an initiative to improve the case submission process at UCPath Center in salesforce. 

 Improve Final Pay 

Impacted Module: Payroll/Absence Management, Time and Labor

Expected Release Date: November 2023

The Final Pay project will enable the UCPath production team to receive complete final pay data from the locations and leverage the system data to process final pay accurately and in a timely manner.

The added functionality will also provide an off-boarding activity guide. Currently, manual entry and interpretation of data for final pay processing and dependence on third-party systems for time and attendance impact the accuracy and timeliness of final paychecks. 

   Improve Accrual Management 

Impacted Module: Absence Management

Expected Release Date: November 2023

The Improve Accruals Management project will enable the UCPath production team to calculate and display accurate accrual balances for employees who have had multiple jobs and/or changes in pay frequencies. This will also position UCPath to provide more timely processing by reducing manual efforts. 

This project will also reduce/eliminate customizations, moving towards delivered functionality providing for more accurate and timely accrual balances, as well as utilizing industry best practices as they evolve. 

     Improve Retro Processing

Impacted Module: Payroll, Timekeeping, HR, Benefits

Expected Release Date: November 2023

The Improve Retro Processing project will provide locations more time and additional details to review and address discrepancies with regards to retro processing (recalculation of prior periods due to changes in payee data which could result in adjustments to entitlement or compensation). 

The intent is to reduce the need for manual interventions, to provide better visibility for scenarios where manual intervention is required, and to achieve more consistent processing of retros, all the while improving pay and benefit accuracy.

   Salary Cost Transfer 

Impacted Module: General Ledger 

Expected Release Date: November 2023

The Salary Cost Transfer project will simplify SCT processing and streamline data entry by building an SCT solution that acts like a GL journal entry process.

The project will also complete SCTs based on complete labor ledger data, eliminate the need to recalculate GL summary and detail labor ledger transactions, and allow users to transfer costs based on complete detailed labor ledger transactions.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We are always striving to improve the UCPath experience here at UCSB. To do this, the UCPath Organizational Team conducts a bi-annual Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey twice each year. These surveys will be circulated through mass email. 

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Interested in joining the UCSB UCPath Process Design Group? Please email Whitney Hamlin at whitneyhamlin@ucsb.edu