UC Santa Barbara's UCPath team supports campus through a collaborative effort between Academic Personnel (AP), Human Resources (HR), Payroll (BFS), and the Kronos Electronic Timekeeping Teams, along with Information Technology Services (ITS). Please use ServiceNow or email the appropriate department regarding issues in UCPath. The preferred method of contact is provided below. You may also visit our directory of related campus resources.

Any UC Santa Barbara employee, including academic personnel and student employees, can log into UCPath to find Self-Service information under the Employee Actions menu, or may contact the UCPath Center directly. 


Academic Personnel (AP)


Academic Personnel 

AP Path Team

  • Amy Arnold, AP UCPath, Manager
  • Claudio Alunan (A-L)
  • Karen Wimmel (M-Z)

Academic Personnel Website

For Academic Personnel issues only:

Email questions and requests for general assistance related to UCPath transactions and issue resolution/problem solving that involve academic personnel and academic student employees.

Business + Financial
Services (BFS)


Payroll Services
BFS ServiceNow

BFS Payroll Team

  • Lan Nguyen, Payroll Manager
  • Lynn Tran, Assistant Payroll Manager
  • Geraldine Savary, Payroll Analyst 4
  • Veronika Reidel, Payroll Supervisor/Trainer
  • Isaias Loya, Payroll Analyst 3
  • Carlos Rojas, Payroll Analyst 2
  • Claire Ledig, Payroll Analyst 2


Business & Financial Services (BFS) Website

  • Accrual Adjustments
  • Payroll Corrections
  • Benefit Cost Transfer and Correction
  • Final Pay
  • Paychecks
  • Position Funding Entry
  • Salary Cost Transfer (Direct Retro)
  • W-2 Inquiry and Corrections
  • Work Authorization (I-9)

ePerformance Team

  • Corena Herrera, ePerformance Administrator 

ePeformance Website

Support for:

  • ePerformance module
  • ePerformance Document 
  • Transfer ePerformance Documents


ePerformance is for career, non-represented staff employees only (contract employees by request).

For questions regarding performance development, please contact Employee & Labor Relations.

Access + Accounts

Information Technology 
Services (ITS)

End-User Services
ITS ServiceNow

ITS Team 

  • Report a Problem
  • Messaging + Collaboration
  • Communication Services
  • End-User Services
  • Enterprise Business Applications
  • Advanced Technical Services


IT Website

End-User Services provides support for:

  • Access
  • Accounts
  • Passwords

Kronos + Timekeeping

Information Technology 
Services (ITS)


Enterprise Business
ITS ServiceNow

Kronos + Timekeeping Team

An Enterprise Business Application


ITS Electronic Timekeeping Website

Support for Payroll Managers and Timekeeper-level users (not directly to end users, e.g., students, managers, etc.).

  • Historical Corrections
  • Kronos Timekeeping Questions or Requests
  • Sign-Off Removal Requests
  • Planning for Pay Cycle Changes
  • Planning for FLSA Changes


Talent Acquisition
Management (TAM)


Staff Workforce Admin
HR ServiceNow

TAM Team

  • Katherine Abad, Supervisor 
  • Barb Freeman, Analyst 
  • Judy Flanagan, Analyst
  • Thomas Nilon, Analyst

Talent Acquisition Website

  • Hiring-Related Requests
  • Hiring Managers Guide
  • Prepare for Hire
    (career, non-represented staff)

Workforce Administration (WFA)


Staff Workforce Admin
HR ServiceNow

WFA Team

  • Corena Herrera, Workforce Administration and Analytics Manager
  • UCPath Analyst (Vacant)
  • Kayla Gray, HR Workforce Administration Assistant

Workforce Administration Website

Support for staff-related UCPath issues only:

  • Workforce Administration
  • Position Management/Updates
  • Job Record Maintenance Questions
  • Multi-headcount Position Updates
  • Service Credit

Contact the UCPath Center (UCPC)


UCPath Login



The UCPath Center is the central hub where payroll, benefits, HR, and Academic Personnel services are managed for all University of California (UC) employees. Specially-trained UCPath Center staff is available to help: 

  • By Phone: 1-855-9-UCPATH (1-855-982-7284) 
    Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., except on UC holidays

  • By Secure Portal: "Ask UCPath Center"
    - Submit a ticket
    - Request a call-back appointment

  • The UCPath Center in Riverside provides UC employees with the option to select customer service in Spanish by phone. 
  • When an employee calls the UCPath Center at 855-982-7284 (Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), selects the #4 option, they will be connected with a Spanish speaking UCPath Center Employee Services (ES) team member.  
  • The Employee Services team member will offer the employee the option to receive follow-up email correspondence about their inquiry in Spanish or English. If Spanish is selected, the Employee Services team member will also include the English translation as well.
  • Additionally, the Employee Services team may provide services in other languages if desired. 
  • The UCPath Center Employee Services team partners with Language Lines, an on-demand language service provider, which offers assistance in more than 240 languages.

UC employees can schedule phone appointments with UCPath for assistance with submitted inquiries.

One-hour appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PT).
Schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you — no waiting required!

Appointments are a great idea for new employees who need help using UCPath for the first time, or who have questions about benefits enrollment. They’re also great for employees with lengthy or multiple inquiries. 

Note: These appointments are not intended for those who submit a complex case on behalf of an employee and require production or IT support, i.e., UCPath transactional users.

  1. Log in to UCPath Online

  2. Note your employee ID in the upper right corner of the UCPath portal

  3. Select “Ask UCPath” to Submit an Inquiry or view My Inquiries.

  4. Once you submit a new inquiry or select the case number of an existing inquiry, the Case Details page appears. Note the case number with which you need help. 

  5. Select “CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A CALLBACK APPOINTMENT” at the top of the page to schedule an appointment. 

UCPath self-appointment screenshot

  1. Enter your case and employee ID numbers

  2. Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an appointment confirmation email with a calendar attachment. 

  3. A UCPath Employee Services associate will call you at the number you provided, at your appointment time. 

Questions or concerns regarding the content on this website? Please contact Whitney Hamlin (UCPath Organizational Manager) at whitneyhamlin@ucsb.edu

Questions or concerns regarding UCPath projects, incidents, or issues? Please contact Allison Inglett (Associate Director of PMO Business Transformations) at ainglett@ucsb.edu