Under California Assembly Bill 119, the University has a legal obligation to provide the name, job title, department, work location, work, home, personal cellular telephone number, work, and personal email addresses, and home address of any new employee within 30 days of hire or by the first pay period of the month following hire (Gov. Code §3558) to their respective unions.

Failure to comply could result in the department being responsible for fines of up to $10,000 per violation. 

Department Instructions

Reported Work Location

Location Code + Cubicle Field  =  Work Location

The University reports the work location of represented employees to unions based on a combination of the Location Code on their Position record, and the Cubicle information on
the UC Job Data tab on the employee Job record. 

Location Code

Find the Location Code in UCPath

UCPath uses a Location Code that includes Building and Room information. This code is input on the Position and displays with its description on both the Position record and on the employee Job record on the Work Location tab.  

Position record:

Job record on the Work Location tab:



Note:   Each Position can have only ONE Location Code.

Cubicle Field

Find the Cubicle field in UCPath

The Cubicle field is part of an employee Job record in UCPath, and allows for additional detail down to the office and cubicle, if applicable. 

If the employee has a room, office, or cubicle location that is not captured in the Location Code on the Position, this detail must be added to the Cubicle field.


Cubicle Field Formatting:

Room "Room-1234" (when a generic Location Code is used)


“Office-##” or “Office-XX”


“Cubicle-##” or “Cubicle-XX”

Remote (full time)



"Hybrid" (no office/cubicle) 
“H-Cubicle-##” (with office or cubicle)

Room/Office/Cubicle Combinations "1234-Office-##" (keeping within 15-character limit)

Update Process

Update Employee Location and Cubicle Data

Departments are responsible for ensuring each employee’s work location is accurate and up-to-date in UCPath.

  • The system automatically derives a default Location based on the Department Code entered on the Position – this should be updated as needed to the Location Code that reflects the actual building and room number of the physical work location.
  • Generic Location Codes for each building are also available in the system. These codes can be used when a Location Code with the room number detail does not exist in the system, or on a multi-Headcount position where the Room number for incumbents differs. When the generic Location Code is utilized on a Position, the Cubicle field must include Room detail.
  • Fully remote positions where there is no on-campus work location should use the “REMOTE” Location Code.

New Appointments:

  • The Location Code that represents the work location building and room number (or the generic building location, as needed) is entered on the Position via Position Control prior to initiating a Hire transaction for the employee.
  • The room, office or cubicle detail (if needed) is added to the Cubicle field on the Hire transaction.

Ongoing Job Record Maintenance:

The Location and Cubicle data points can be updated via PayPath.


Departmental Default Location Code

Departments have a default Location Code that corresponds to the administrative or mailing address of the Department.  When a new Position is created, and the Department Code is entered, the Location field will auto-populate with the department's default Location Code. This code can be changed on the Position record to correspond to a code that more accurately reflects the location of the incumbent. 

Departments can change the Location Code via Position Control (vacant positions) or PayPath (filled positions).

Location Code Requests

Request a New Location Code or
Change the Default Location for a Department

If the Location Code that corresponds to a Building/Address and Floor used by represented employees in your department does not exist in UCPath, or if you need to request a change to the Default Location for a Department Code, submit an IT ServiceNow ticket requesting the addition or update:

  • Login to UCSB’s IT ServiceNow at ithelp.ucsb.edu
  • Navigate to Enterprise Business Applications > UCPath Technology Services > UCPath Application Configuration Request.
  • Use the Description box to request the new Building/Address and Floor using the existing naming conventions.
  • Questions regarding Location Code changes can be directed to the UCPath Technical Question section of IT ServiceNow.