It stands for Full-Time Equivalent and is represented as a percentage of time for work schedule expectations.  
J JOB RECORD NUMBER A unique number assigned to denote a specific job record for an employee For each employee, the job record number by default starts with 0 and advances by 1 for each additional job record assigned.
P PAY GROUP This is the field on an employee’s job record that assigns the employee group used for payroll processing. This field can be found in the Job component on the Payroll tab.  Pay Group is not a field assigned to a Position.
P PAY CYCLE How often an employee is paid. There are only two pay cycles: Biweekly and Monthly.
P PAY CYCLE CONFLICT When two or more jobs for an employee has Pay Groups that correlate to different pay cycles (Biweekly/Monthly). This is a multiple-job scenario.  A single job record can not be in a pay cycle conflict with itself.
W WFA This is short for Workforce Administration. Workforce administration is any action used to onboard and maintain the person and job information for workforce members.