Training is Required for UCPath Transactional User Access

Training is provided for UCSB employees who perform specific 'transactional' tasks in UCPath, including initiators, approvers, and inquiry-only users. A series of web-based and instructor-led courses provides each UCSB learner with the necessary skills and training to ensure system proficiency. There is no order for these training classes, but we recommend finishing the E-Courses prior to the instructor-led training.  Participants must complete all of the required courses before receiving access to UCPath.

Register for Instructor-Led Courses and complete Online Courses by logging in to the UC Santa Barbara Learning Center and searching for UCPath Initiator and Approver Training Curriculum.  These courses are available to all employees, with priority given to new employees.

In exceptional circumstances, new UCPath users may require training outside the quarterly instructor-led schedule. In these cases, the UCPath Steering Committee may approve self-led training on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about this ad hoc training option, fill out the Request for Ad Hoc Training Form. Please read the requirements carefully, as ad hoc training is not a replacement for UCPath instructor-led courses. In many cases, new users granted ad hoc training will still be required to attend the next available UCPath instructor-led series. 

UCPath Access in 4 Easy Steps

Training is required before an employee may access UCPath and conduct transactions. As you plan for training, consider with your supervisor what your role in UCPath should be. View a description of UCPath roles.

Once you complete UCPath training, inform your supervisor or Department Security Administrator (DSA) and they will submit a ticket to ETS requesting your UCPath access. Training is typically held in January, April, July, and October. Keep an eye out for announcements and registration opportunities.

Step 1

web-based training:
UC Learning Center

Step 2

Register for 
instructor-led training:
UC Learning Center

Step 3 

Instructor-Led Training

Step 4

Dept System Administrator: Submit ticket to ETS requesting access for trained employee

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Instructor-Led Training Schedule

Summer 2024 UCPath Training Schedule

Position Management


July 29, 2024

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Template Transactions - 1


July 30, 2024

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Template Transactions - 2


July 31, 2024

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


PayPath Actions


August 1, 2024

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Required Training

To implement recommended social distancing measures, Human Resources continues offering UCPath Instructor Led Classes via Zoom.  We ask campus departments to take steps to allow their employees scheduled to join the UCPath Instructor Led Training sessions remotely via Zoom. A Zoom link will be sent to registered participants.

Working online

Required Web-Based Training


Access e-course in the UCSB Learning Center under the UCPath Initiator and Approver Training Curriculum


This course provides an overview of PeopleSoft for users who perform transactions beyond self-service at Locations and UCPath Center.

Register for this course - SB-PHCMNAV100: PeopleSoft Overview

This web-based course will teach you best practices before beginning a UCPath Transaction. 

Register for this course - SB-PHCMNAV101: UCPath Due Diligence

This web-based training course provides an overview of all standard PeopleSoft functionality

Register for this course - SB-PHCMNAV105: Basics and Navigation

This course provides an overview of the UCPath Workforce Administration (WFA) module and the employee lifecycle in UCPath.
This course also introduces processes for the UCPath Template, PayPath, and Extended Leaves of Absence transactions.

Register for this course - SB-PHCMWFA110: WFA Overview

This course will detail the UCPath processes for funding a position, setting up and correcting regular pay, as well as setting up additional payments/compensation in the system. This course will also go over how to make pay corrections. 

Register for this course - SB-PHCMBFS101: UCPath Training - Business and Financial Services




Required Instructor-Led Training

Position Management – Maintains effective date history of all UC positions – filled and vacant – and assigns positions to all employees including students.  This course discusses the main points of position management, including creating a new position and updating filled and vac

Smart HR Template Transactions initiate the hiring and exit actions for employees at UCSB. This course focuses on full hire templates, including demonstrations of the custom templates necessary to complete actions specific to both academics and staff, including: full hire, rehire, intra-location transfer, termination, and more.

Smart HR Template Transactions initiate the hiring and exit actions for employees at UCSB. This course focuses on the custom templates necessary to complete actions specific to both academics and staff, including concurrent hire, rehire intra-location and Inter-Campus transfers, termination, retirement, and more.

PayPath is a custom component of UCPath designed to streamline updates to employee data. The component provides compliant functionality designed to meet UC's academic and staff requirements with a tight integration between HR actions and funding requirements. This course discusses the various types of transactions in PayPath, including changes to position data, job data, and additional pay.  In addition, we review how to submit multiple actions in a single transaction.

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Getting Help

For questions about logging into or navigating the UC Learning Center, signing up for courses, or technical difficulties, please contact:

For questions about your UCPath system role(s), learning path(s), and how they relate to your job duties, contact your Business Officer/MSO/supervisor.

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