TO: UC Santa Barbara Campus Community 

FR: UCPath Center

RE: New Case Closure Process in UCPath 

The following information contains important updates about case closure from UCPath, please read carefully. Based on the feedback provided in the satisfaction surveys, UCPath has a new case closing process starting today, March 2, 2021.

This new process provides case submitters with additional time to review the resolution. Once UCPath provides a resolution, the submitter will receive an email notification that the case will remain open for five days with a "Pending Closure" status. 

The case submitter will have the following case closing options: 

  • If the case submitter agrees with the resolution, no further action is needed. The case will automatically close after five days and they will receive the close case email notification.
  • If the case submitter does not agree with the resolution, complete the following steps to keep the case open:

1.       Access your case via Ask UCPath (UCPath online)

2.       Add a comment with details

3.       Click on “Submit comment to UCPath”

4.       Select “Please Keep Case Open” from the pending closure status drop-down

5.       Click save


Please note: Cases can be immediately closed by UCPath with the permission of the case submitter. Case submitters will still have the opportunity to “Reopen Case” within five days.

Training Resources: 

The following simulations will reflect these changes by the end of the day on March 2, 2021:

  • Submit an Inquiry to UCPath
  • Submit an Inquiry on Behalf of Employee (SOBO) to UCPath