TO: UCSB UCPath Transactional Users

FR: UCSB UCPath Team 

RE: UCPath Lived Name/Improve Navigation Project Announcement

Dear UCSB UCPath Transactional Users, 

In the coming months, you will hear about two significant UCPath Roadmap Projects, Improve Navigation and Enable Lived Name, both sponsored by the UC Office of the President & the UCPath Center. Your UCSB UCPath team is working hard to guide these initiatives to accommodate the needs of the UC Santa Barbara Campus. While independent of one another, the two efforts will share resource needs and follow the same overall project timeline.

The goal of Improve Navigation is to enhance the UCPath transactor experience by deploying Fluid navigation; an intuitive, modernized solution that will work on all devices. 

The goal of Lived Name is to adopt PeopleSoft Global Name delivered functionality in UCPath, adhering to the 2020 Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy, enabling lived names to display on all UCPath pages where legal name is not required.

As we approach the go-live dates (scheduled for October 2022), please be on the lookout for communications regarding upcoming training as well as change management, as we will be working hard to ensure that the changes result in no knowledge and process gaps.

Project timeline for Improve Navigation and Enable Lived Name

  • Jan-July: Build, Configure and Test the following modules: 
    • WFA Module
    • TAM & ePerformance 
    • Payroll & Absence Management 
    • Benefits 
    • General Ledger
  • July: Testing Readiness
  • Aug-Sept: User Acceptance Testing
  • Oct 15: Go-Live

Thank you for your support of these quality improvement initiatives. The underlying goal of any UCPath initiative is to make UCPath a more functional and intuitive system that caters to the needs of those it serves. 

If you have any questions regarding these UCPath Project, please reach out to: