2024 UCPath Projects

How UCSB supports UCPath Roadmap Projects


The system-wide UCPath team strives to improve and advance UCPath functionality regularly and constantly. As UC Santa Barbara's campus support team, we are here to guide you through any planned system updates, whether large or small. Check back often to learn the latest and how UCPath updates may impact your daily work.

Ongoing Projects

Below is a high-level summary of our current ongoing projects. These project descriptions offer a condensed summary of all current or recently completed UCPath Projects. Please be aware that project-specific content is subject to change. Check back periodically to learn more about any campus impact. 

UCPath Center utilizes a release model, with groupings of projects scheduled to go-live simultaneously. Because of this, you will often hear about projects grouped based on their release month. There may still be projects that go-live outside of those releases, and the details can be found below next to each project. 

Current Release Month: July 2024

Recording Link: UCPath July Release Webinar - 5/22/24

Slide Deck: UCPath July 2024 Release - Deck 


     Re-Open Closed Cases in Ask UCPath  

Impacted Application: Salesforce @ UCPath Center

Expected Release Date: April 15, 2024 - Complete

As of Monday, April 15, 2024, the following enhancements are now available to all employees and submitters in the Ask UCPath system:


 Employee Case Assist - Ask UCPath


Impacted Application: Salesforce @ UCPath Center 

Expected Release Date: May 6, 2024

Beginning Monday, May 6, 2024, UCPath will make it easier for employees to submit inquiries. Employees will no longer be required to manually select a topic and category when submitting an inquiry via Ask UCPath.


 Rewrite General Ledger Assessments 

Impacted Module: General Ledger (GL)

Expected Release Date: July 2024

UCPath redesigned the systemwide assessment process to consolidate and streamline the generation of assessment information. UCPath now delivers assessment information monthly three to five business days following generation of summary and detailed labor ledger results.

Systemwide assessments include:

  • UC Retirement Plan (UCRP)
  • UCRP Supplemental Amount (RPSA)
  • Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB)
  • Unfunded Pension Liability (UPL)
  • UCRP Supplemental Non-Federal, Interest (RPNI)

Note: There is no change to Retirement Plan Non-Federal Interest (RPNI), which is included in location labor ledger results for each pay run.

Key benefits include:

  • Streamlined CBR assessment reporting
  • More accurate financial reporting
  • Faster payroll and salary cost transfer processing
  • Eliminates data and process duplication

     Modernize Former Employee Portal

Impacted Module: Former Employee Portal

Expected Release Date: July 2024

New Former Employee Portal


UCPath updated the Former Employee Portal for separated University of California employees with their needs in mind. This streamlined portal grants separated employees access to essential payroll and tax information for three years following their most recent separation from the university. The portal includes only features relevant to former employees for a more intuitive experience. The portal also enhances security by replacing security questions with multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection.

The new portal is mobile-friendly, enabling former employees to access their information from smartphones or tablets conveniently.


Changes – Former Employee Portal:

  • Former employees will log in using their UCPath EMPL ID instead of the last four digits of their social security number
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) will replace existing security questions
  • Only relevant notices and pages are visible


     Submit on Behalf of (SOBO) Case Assist - Ask UCPath

Impacted Application: Salesforce @ UCPath Center

Expected Release Date: July, 2024

Users who submit inquiries on behalf of others no longer need to select a topic and category in Ask UCPath. The system automatically determines the topic and category based on information provided by the submitter. 

This update simplifies the inquiry submission process, making it more efficient and user-friendly and aligning with the employee inquiry submission process.

Changes - Submit an inquiry:

  • The submission form will automatically fill in the topic and category fields based on the information entered in the subject and description
  • The updated landing page will display open and recently closed cases for the employee selected, making it easier for submitters to access an employee's relevant cases
  • UCPath will also provide suggestions for resources that may assist in resolving issues


  Deploy Fluid in TAM (FIT)

Impacted Module: Talent Acquisition Management (TAM)

Expected Release Date: July 2024

Deploy Fluid Functionality in TAM

 The UCPath Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) module now includes Fluid functionality for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Location recruiting and hiring teams can navigate through modernized pages throughout the recruiting and approvals process. Applicants move seamlessly through the job search and application process via a new candidate gateway. This enhancement also enables more flexible security options.

Key changes will include:

  • New Fluid recruiting home page with dynamic tiles and navigation collections
  • Fluid approvals for job openings and job postings
  • Location-managed security options
  • Fluid candidate gateway for applicants with activity guides for the application process and new job search features


Recording Link: FIT Info Session - 6/18/24 Recording 

Slide Deck: FIT Info Session Deck 

Other Resources: 


 Gender Identity and Pronouns (GIP)

Impacted Module: All Modules 

Expected Release Date: July 2024

The gender identity and pronoun (GIP) project is the next phase of the Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy.  This undertaking aligns nomenclature and options to reflect how the workforce can self-identify their gender, sexual orientation, and pronoun preferences. While the collection process will be automated for users signing into UCPath, these identifications are voluntary, and employees can decline to state as they deem appropriate. Therefore, such selections are not displayed or otherwise viewable to administrative users on UCPath system pages.  

Most gender identity and sexual orientation values will remain unchanged, but some features have changed:

  • Employees must select a value from a list on the gender identity, sexual orientation and pronouns pages before they can review self-service pages, including earnings statements. 
  • Employees will be prompted to select a pronoun option and choose whether to display the pronoun with their name.



Recording Link: GIP Info Session Recording - 6/5/24

Slide Deck: GIP Info Session - Deck 

   Improve Accrual Management 

Impacted Module: Absence Management

Expected Release Date: Delayed 

The Improve Accruals Management project will enable the UCPath production team to calculate and display accurate accrual balances for employees who have had multiple jobs and/or changes in pay frequencies. This will also position UCPath to provide more timely processing by reducing manual efforts. 

This project will also reduce/eliminate customizations, moving towards delivered functionality providing for more accurate and timely accrual balances, as well as utilizing industry best practices as they evolve. 

  UCPath Direct Entry

Impacted Module: Workforce Administration 

Expected Release Date: November 2024

Provide an enhanced process for locations to enter new hires for Employees, Contingent Workers, and Concurrent Hires directly into UCPath with an approval framework.