UCSB Pay Groups Key:

The first character of the Pay Group is 8 because this is our numeric UC campus identifier. The ‘B’ in the Pay Cycle column stands for biweekly, and the ‘M’ monthly.

856 UCSB Firefighters B
8B7 UCSB 7/40 Non-Exempt Biweekly B
8B8 UCSB 8/80 Non-Exempt Biweekly B
8BE UCSB Salary Biweekly B
8BH UCSB Hourly Exempt Biweekly B
8BX UCSB Exception Hourly Exempt Biweekly B
8E7 UCSB NRA-BW Income Code 17 B
8E8 UCSB NRA-BW Income Code 18 B
8e9 UCSB NRA-BW Income Code 19 B
8ST UCSB Students Biweekly B
8AC UCSB Academic Exempt Monthly M
8HS UCSB AHSC Exempt Monthly M
8m5 UCSB PD Fellows NRA IC 15 M
8M7 UCSB NRA Income Code 17 M
8M8 UCSB NRA Income Code 18 M
8M9 UCSB NRA Income Code 19 M
8me UCSB Salary Exempt Monthly M
8MH UCSB Hourly Monthly M
8MS UCSB Monthly-Salaried Positive M
8p5 UCSB Paid Direct Exempt MO M
8PD UCSB Paid Direct Exempt MO M
8pf UCSB PD Fellows Exempt Monthly M
8sp UCSB Staff Physicians



View a PDF of the UCSB Pay Groups.