TO: UCSB UCPath Transactors, Approvers, & Inquirers 

FR: UCSB Payroll Team 

RE: UCPath Notice: Patent Acknowledgement Error

The Payroll team would like to inform UCSB administrators of a current defect in UCPath that has a system-wide impact. At this time, the Patent Acknowledgement feature is not operating as expected. Department administrators have reported issues viewing completed patent information under “Person Checklist”/”Person Profiles” for employees who signed the form. 

This issue currently appears to only impact new hires from February 2024 onward, while prior employees’ information remains unaffected.

Employees can still view the signed Patent Acknowledgement confirmation notice through their profile in the “employee actions” section under “personal information”. We encourage departments to request confirmation notices from their employees for department records.

UCPath is aware of the issue and is actively working to resolve it. We anticipate the fix to go into production in late June 2024. Meanwhile, we request that departments exercise extra care to ensure that the Patent Acknowledgement is signed on or before the first day of employment. Please do not hesitate to open a ServiceNow ticket if you have any questions.

Thank you,

BFS- Payroll

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