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UCPath Notice: End Job Automatically Check Box for Contingent Worker Job Record End Dates

Starting March 1, 2023, UCPath will implement enhancements to help location teams manage contingent worker (CWR) job record end dates more effectively.

What's Changing?

Users may now use the "End Job Automatically" check box for CWR jobs:

  • The "End Job Automatically" flag will be available on both Smart HR (E-308) and Mass Hire (E-346) templates
  • When this check box is selected, UCPath will insert a "Termination/Job Record End Date - Auto Term" row to a CWR record with an expired job
  • Effective February 28, 2023, the updated Mass Hire templates (E-346) will be available on the UCPath Location Support SharePoint site
    • JIRA users may access a copy of the updated template via the change request
    • UCPath will not accept prior versions of the Mass Hire templates (E-346) after March 1, 2023

Note: To avoid unintended impacts such as termination or system access interruptions, please complete the following action items:

  • Run the Jobs with Approaching End Dates (R-103) report and the Escalation/Reminder of Approaching Job End Dates (R-384) report
  • Review the CWR records with upcoming end dates that are scheduled to auto terminate
    • The "End Job Automatically" box must be checked in conjunction with the "Expected Job End Date" for the record to be automatically terminated
    • If the box is not checked, the CWR will remain in active HR status beyond the job end date
  • Initiate the appropriate transaction to update CWR records, as needed (job aid resources below)
  • If a CWR record is terminated in error, it is necessary to submit a Renew Contingent Worker transaction to return the CWR to an active HR status

Training Resources:

UCPath is actively working to update CWR job aids and will provide revised training resources when available.


Reference the following change requests for additional details:

  • UCP-125938 - Contingent Worker – End Job Automatically, E-380
  • UCP-112847 - Contingent Worker – End Job Automatically; E-346 Mass Hire


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