TO: UCSB UCPath Transactional Users

FR: UCPath Project Team

RE: Reminder: Update to UCPath COA Display Order on December 12

This is a reminder that beginning Monday, December 12, UCPath will display the current COA chartfields in a new order that more closely reflects the new Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA), in preparation for UCOP’s deployment of the CCOA across all UC campuses.

It’s important to note that the functionalities of the current chartfields will not change at this time. There are no changes to the types of information that are inputted in each segment; the only difference is the order in which they are entered and displayed on the pages. 

The impacted UCPath pages include:

  • Funding Entry
  • Funding Inquiry
  • Salary Cap/MCOP Worksheet
  • Salary Cost Transfers

The chartfields on these pages, as well as both historical and new transactions, will be reordered to match the standard:

UCSB Current Order

UCSB New Order

Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA)

  1. Combo Code

  2. Location

  3. Sub/Object

  4. Account

  5. FS Dept

  6. Fund

  7. Dept. Project

  8. Sub Override

  9. GL Bus Unit

  10. Dept Cost Type

  11. Dept Cost Center

  12. Work Study Cd

  13. OTC Indicator

  1. Combo Code

  2. Location

  3. Fund*

  4. Account*

  5. FS Dept*

  6. Sub/Object*

  7. Dept Cost Type*

  8. Dept Cost Center*

  9. GL Bus Unit

  10. Dept. Project

  11. Sub Override

  12. Work Study Cd

  13. OTC Indicator

  1. Entity

  2. Fund

  3. Financial Unit

  4. Account

  5. Function

  6. Program

  7. Project

  8. Location / Flexfield

  9. Activity / Flexfield

  10. Task / Flexfield

  11. Funding Source / Flexfield

  12. Alt Account

  13. OTC Indicator

* Items marked with an asterisk have moved positions

This is being managed as a part of the UCPath Financials System (FS) Retrofit project and coincides with efforts in UCSB’s Financial Management Modernization program to implement the new CCOA on our campus systems in July 2024.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jim Corkill, Controller at jim.corkill@bfs.ucsb.edu or Allison Inglett, UCPath Service Delivery Manager at ainglett@ucsb.edu.