Project Team

Executive Sponsors

Role & Responsibilities
  • Serve as local project sponsors.
  • Provide high profile support, campus commitment and visibility for the project.
  • Resolve resource and expectation issues between local campus and UCOP leadership.
  • Work with OP and Campus on funding streams.
  • Assure resources and  funding.
  • Monitor scope.

David Marshall, Executive Vice Chancellor
Joel Michaelsen, Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Chuck Haines, Acting Assistant Chancellor of Budget & Planning
Matthew Hall, Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

Steering Committee

Role & Responsibilities
  • Functional Owners and Technical Leaders.
  • Provides local project oversight, operational decision-making and direction to the Project Manager throughout the project.
  • Sets direction.
  • Validates scope/approves scope changes.
  • Resolves issues.
  • Sponsors campus-wide communications.
  • Informs and approves timing and sequencing of project phases.
  • Validates requirements and finalizes priorities.
  • Participates in design reviews and validation (process, data, application); signs off on design.
  • Approves Communications and Training Strategy.
  • Approves Post Implementation Support Strategy.
  • Participates in systemwide workgroups and design teams.
  • Provides guidance on how changes resulting from the project will be implemented in their organization.
  • Identifies and advises on any emergent issues or risks to the project.

Jim Corkill, Controller
Cindy Doherty, Academic Personnel Director
Matt Erickson (Ex Officio), Associate Director for Program Management & Communications
Yaheya Quazi, ETS Software, Engineering, Architecture & Lifecycle (SEAL) Director
Cynthia Señeriz, Human Resources Director

Strategic Advisory Committee

Role & Responsibilities
  • Serves as a conduit of information between departmental leadership, staff, and faculty and the Campus Project Management Team and Campus Steering Committee.
  • Explores and recommends restructuring models to assist divisions and departments in organizing and optimizing staffing to accommodate new departmental business processes, workflow and interface requirements.
  • Represents and reconciles constituencies’ viewpoints and provides intervention to overcome roadblocks to project implementation.
  • Recommends communication, training, implementation, and post-implementation support strategies for issues affecting departments.
  • Key Advisory Committee leadership works with Campus Steering Committee to ensure a regular exchange of information at critical decision points about issues that will affect departmental and divisional processes, organization, and resources.

Tracy Adams, Division of Humanities & Fine Arts
Satie Airamé, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Leesa Beck (Co-Chair), Office of the Registrar
Kerry Bierman, Facilities Management
Debra Blake, Academic Senate
Ambar Campos, Office of Budget & Planning
Lynn Clark, College of Creative Studies
Tilly Govender, Division of Social Sciences
Alan Grosenheider, Library
Robert Hamm, Graduate Division
Bev Lutz, Office of Research
Melissa Jarnagin, Central Services
Deborah A Karoff, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Mary Lum, College of Letters and Science
Lynn McLaughlin-Hill, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Diane O'Brien, Office of the Chancellor
Carol Parsons, Office of Academic Programs
Juli Pippin, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
Kimberly Ray, Business & Financial Services and Audit & Advisory Services
Kari Samlaska, Facilities Management
Dorothy Satomi (Co-Chair), Division of Mathematical, Life & Physical Sciences
Robert Silsbee (Co-Chair), Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Christian Treitler, UC Santa Barbara Foundation
Briana ​Villaseñor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
Christian L Villaseñor, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
Joni Schwartz, College of Engineering

Core Project Team

Role & Responsibilities
  • Participates in design workshops for areas impacting departments on both a system-wide and campus level.
  • Executes tasks on the work plan.
  • Supports testing (use case definition, end user testing) for areas impacting departments.
  • Appointed based on work streams (e.g., reporting, GL integration, Case Management).
  • Participates in weekly Project Team Leads meetings with the purpose of keeping the project on track and identifying risks and issues.
  • Manages individual projects in coordination with the overall project.

Maria Ayllon, UCPath Project Manager
Darrell Littleberry, Business Process Alignment Lead
Bala Singh, Business Process Alignment Lead
Kelly Laverty, Organizational Change Management Lead
Aubrie Amstutz, Communications Lead
Eric Blessing, Data Conversion Lead
Yaheya Quazi, Identity Management Lead
Mike Tornquist, Operational Data Store Lead
Sylvia Carrido, Testing Lead
April Williams, Cutover Lead
Virginia Fenske, Training Lead
Suzy Danko, Technical Integrations Lead

UCPath Campus Future State Process Design Team

Role & Responsibilities

The UCPath Campus Future State Process Design Team is a working group charged with developing recommendations for future state campus business processes related to Payroll, Human Resources, and Academic Personnel within the framework of the system-wide UCPath project. The team is composed of members from campus units and control points who have experience with Payroll, Human Resources and Academic Personnel processes.


Lisa Blanco, Sociology
Ryan George, Library
Christine Griffin, ICB
Shayna Ingram, ICB
Robin Jenneve, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Shana Moran-Lanier, Student Affairs
Cathy Pollock, College of Letters & Science
Lynne Pritchard, Psychological & Brain Sciences
Kathy Scheidemen, Earth Research
Bob Stelter, Development
Tedi Tehrani, Student Affairs
Briana Villasenor, Student Affairs

UCPath Business Alignment Team

Role & Responsibilities

The UCPath Business Alignment Team is a working group charged with developing recommendations for future state central office business processes related to Payroll, Human Resources, and Academic Personnel within the framework of the systemwide UCPath project. In addition, the Business Alignment Team will provide support to the Campus Future State Process Design Team. The Business Alignment Team will be composed of subject matter experts from Payroll, Human Resources and Academic Personnel processes.


Sona Baboolal, Payroll
Cindy Doherty, Academic Personnel
Lan Nguyen, Payroll
Lisa Romero, Human Resources
Cynthia Seneriz, Human Resources
Jo Ann Stark, Payroll