Functional User Resources

Functional users with UCPath roles (Initiator, Approver, etc.) can access support documentation here.

Access Support Documentation

UCPath Help

Within UCPath, use the "Help" link to find support documentation in the UCPath Help site specific to the page you are working on.

For all UCPath inquiries please follow the contacts listed below. This information can also be found under the Contact section of the UCPath website.

Functional Users:

  • UCSB Human Resources at or (805) 893-4048 (for staff employees)

  • UCSB Academic Personnel at or (805) 893-5429 (for faculty, academic employees, graduate student employees, and post docs

  • UCSB Payroll Office at or (805) 893-4145 (for staff, student employees, and work-study employees)

  • UCSB ETSC at (for technical questions, security access, role assignments, and timekeeping)

  • Please reference the UCPath Functional User Support document for more details.

Job Aids

Access courses, Job Aids,and User Productivity Kits (UPKs) on the UCPath Help Site.

Resources are updated on a regular basis. Therefore, they are best viewed online rather than downloaded and saved to your computer or a shared drive. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for in one of the categories below, you can also search for content in the UCPath Help site.


UCPath Job Aids

Basics and Navigation

UCPath Portal Basics
Clear Your Web Browser Cache
Disable Pop-Up Blocker
Who Does What
Transaction Lifecycle
Effective Dates
UCPath Help Site

Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)

Desk Reference: Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)

Position Control

Initiate New Position Control Request for Staff and Academic Student Positions
Update Single Headcount Vacant Staff and Academic Student Positions
UCPath View Vacant Budgeted Positions

Position Funding

UCPath Position Funding Entry

Work Force Administration (WFA)

WFA Basics

UCPath WFA Navigation 
UCPath PayPath and Additional Pay Navigation

Smart HR Templates

Concurrent Jobs Supplemental Chart with FLSA status
UCPath Hire Template Matrix
UCPath New Hire
UCPath Rehire - Change Employee Class 
UCPath Rehire - Same Employee Class 
UCPath Concurrent Hire 
UCPath Transfer Intra-Location No Break in Service  Same Empl Class
UCPath Transfer Inter-Location
Desk Reference: Work Authorization Verification 
Desk Reference: Common Smart HR Template Pitfalls to Resolve


UCPath PayPath Transactions

Additional Pay

UCPath Additional Pay Self Service Transactions Links

Direct Retro/Salary Cost Transfers

UCPath Enter Direct Retro Funding (Salary Cost Transfer)

View/Inquiry Pages

Employee Data

View Job Data
View Workforce Job Summary
View Person Organizational Summary
View Person Profile

Smart HR Transactions

View Template Transaction Status - SS Smart Transactions Page
View Template Transaction Status - Transaction Status Page

Position Data

View Position Information
View Position Summary
View Position History
View Vacant Budgeted Positions

Budget Data

View Budget Status
View Budget Distribution

Funding Entry Data

View Funding Entry Inquiry Page

Direct Retro/Salary Cost Transfers

View Retro Distribution

Submitting Cases to UCPath Center

Submit Case to UCPath Center
Submit Case (on Behalf of Employees) to UCPath Center
Reopen Closed UCPath Center Cases
Monitor UCPath Center Cases