Graduate Students


What is UCPath?

  • UCPath stands for UC Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping and Human Resources.
  • UCPath will support an active payroll of 190,000 UC employees.
  • PeopleSoft Human Capital Management is replacing the current payroll system (PPS) and providing the University with opportunities to conduct business in better ways.


Training Approach at UCSB

UCSB's UCPath training team has designed a plan to address needs across the spectrum using blended learning. Blended learning allows learners to take self-paced, online courses at their convenience, as well as participate in more focused training and support, such as instructor-led, classroom training and open labs. Special attention will be given to ensuring learners are comfortable accessing and using the UCPath Help site to get additional support during and after training.

UCPath Center

The UCPath Center is the central hub where payroll, benefits, HR, and Academic Personnel services will be managed for all University of California (UC) employees. The UCPath Center manages the UCPath portal where your job-related information is stored and available to you 24/7.

What is the UCPath Project?

UCPath is the University of California’s critical project to implement a single payroll, benefits, HR and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

UCPath will:

  • Replace UC’s 35-year old Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) with a single new payroll and HR technology system
  • Standardize and streamline payroll and HR processes systemwide
  • Centralize certain HR/APO and payroll transactional processes within the UCPath shared service center

When will UCPath launch at UCSB?

UCPath will go live at UCSB in September 2018. Go-live is a series of events that take place over several weeks, but all employees will be able to log into UCPath for the first time on September 27th, 2018. October 1st (monthly) and October 3rd (biweekly) paychecks will be the first generated from UCPath instead of PPS.